New for ECM's:
a reasonably priced, adaptable HVAC-R
tool to troubleshoot
all ECM motors!

In 2013, there were at least 17 ECM Motor Manufacturers providing their motors to the HVAC Industry. What began as an energy-saving movement for homeowners has evolved into a serious problem for the HVAC-R Technician. With as many as 21 wires entering these motors, the old days of Common, High, Medium, and Low are almost forgotten.

Versatile tools for troubleshooting these motors are a necessary part of a successful Technician’s toolkit.

What is the Universal Zebra System?

The Universal Zebra System is a collection of tools that we hope are the most useful that Zebra Instruments has ever introduced. Many different ECM motors (from many different Motor Manufacturers) are entering the HVAC-R marketplace and being adopted by most equipment makers today. Great for the homeowner — they have found significant energy savings from their new equipment. But when the equipment stops working correctly and YOU are called to fix it —

How Do You Troubleshoot the Problem?

The complexity of these new systems has caused a special method of troubleshooting to be applied. We call it the Divide-and-Conquer method. Since information about commands and signals being sent to the motors (and the responses coming back from the motors) isn’t always available to the Tech, a way of logically splitting the System into smaller sections and then testing each of those sections is necessary.

The Components of the Universal Zebra System:

The System consists of 4 categories of tools, many of which are optional, so your System is customized to you, and to the way you work. (Click the photos below to enlarge them.)

• • • The Basic Tool is model UZ-1, The Universal Zebra or UZ-1, is able to test run a motor in one or more (up to six) speeds. It has seven LEDs and three 3-way switches. Housed in a rugged case that latches, it is shipped with our most popular adapter, which fits the very common GE/Regal-Beloit series 2.0 and 2.3 motors.

Adapters• • • Adapters couple the UZ1 to different motors. Five different Adapters are available, with more to come.

• • • Motor Power Plugs with Harnesses with harnesses are necessary when you want to test a motor out of its air handler/furnace environment. Most ECM motors have special power input plugs, so bench testing can be challenging without access to these plugs. A wide variety is currently available.

• • • Accessories round out the System: • A 36" extension for the tool’s main harness is available (it can also be used to replace the original harness if the fan wheel gets too close!) • A rugged accessory case is available to protect your Adapter and Power Plug collection from getting damaged or lost. •

The Secret Weapon:


The Universal Zebra System is ADAPTABLE to other motors.

Adapters that fit many different ECM motors are now available, and Zebra is committed to providing reasonably-priced Adapters for each new ECM motor entering the HVAC-R marketplace whenever possible.